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Learn all about HTML, how to format text, add images, create tables, meta taga, and more!
Get the low down on JavaScript. See how to create popular JavaScript applications like drop down menus, clocks, dynamic messages, popup boxes, and more.
Concise, easy to follow introdction to CGI and how to install CGI scripts.
Web Design
A miscellanous section that includes various web design tutorials


123 Web Design!/ HTML

HTML- The foundation of all webpages, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. As much as people would have you believe its a programming language, HTML is really just a series of tags (ie:<b>) mixed with text to allow you to format the contents of your webpage. HTML is extremely easy to learn, and should take the avid student no more than a few days to acquire.

 - Basic HTML
- Adding a background
- Formatting your text
- Inserting images
- Adding links
- Adding bullets and lists
- Adding horizontal rules
- Creating tables
- Adding background music
- Adding meta tags
- Other fun stuff for your site

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