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Status bar messages

Using JavaScript, you can display messages in the status bar of your browser below. This is accomplished by setting a string value to the "window.status" property. For example:

window.status="Welcome to my homepage"

By doing the above, the message "Welcome to my homepage" is shown in the status bar. One trick you may have seen on the web is a status bar message that is initiated only when the user moves her mouse over a link:


Here's the code used:

<a href="" onMouseover="window.status='Click here for Yahoo!';return true" onMouseout="window.status=''">Yahoo</a>

I captured the mouse's "position" by using the onMouseover and onMouseout event handlers of JavaScript. Event handlers are added directly inside certain HTML tags such as the <a> tag, and allows you to run code that react to a certain event (such as when the mouse moves over a link). In this case, the code displays "Click here for Yahoo!" in the status bar when the surfer moves her mouse over the link "Yahoo", and resets the status bar when the mouse moves out. Pretty cool, uh?