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Learn all about HTML, how to format text, add images, create tables, meta taga, and more!
Get the low down on JavaScript. See how to create popular JavaScript applications like drop down menus, clocks, dynamic messages, popup boxes, and more.
Concise, easy to follow introdction to CGI and how to install CGI scripts.
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A miscellanous section that includes various web design tutorials


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FAQs on JavaScript

"What is JavaScript? Is it advanced HTML? Java? Some form of Active X?" Actually, none of the above. JavaScript is JavaScript, and that's that. One of the most common preconceptions about JavaScript is that it's somewhat related to Java (since they have very similar names). Ironically, JavaScript and Java, besides the fact that they are all programming languages, are completely different. I won't go into detail what Java is, but I will say this: it's something I definitely won't be taking on in the near future (hint: Java is very hard to learn).

Ok, let's shift our focus back to JavaScript. "What can it do? Why should I learn it? How long will it take me to learn it? Do I have to learn it?" Wow, that's a lot of questions. First, the short answer, then the long:

Short answer: Cool stuff. Just because. 1-2 weeks. No.

Now, the long: JavaScript can greatly enhance the "coolness" and interactivity of your web page. Great stuff you see on the net such as image flips, drop down menu boxes,  live clocks etc are all written in JavaScript. If you want your web pages to look more than just a bunch of stale and boring paper documents converted into digital form, you'll want to learn this neat programming language. It's very easy to get a handle on; I spent around two weeks- on and off- learning JavaScript, and that was it!

Writing your first script

Are you ready to write your first script? No, it's not too soon.  A bare-bone script consists of only two lines: The <script></script> tag:


The actualJavaScript codes will fall inside this tag. Ok, are you ready to do something interesting with JavaScript? I thought so.